Friday, November 6, 2015

How to Find Your Assigned Advisor

As a student almost everything you need in terms of information about Vol State can be found on your My Vol State page. To find your assigned advisor just follow these quick steps:

-Click on the Academics tab

-Under Academic Profile, Advisors- select TERM and press go.

-Your advisor's name will display

-To get their contact info click the Search tab

-Enter the last name only of your assigned advisor

-The office location, email and phone number will appear

Why does all of this matter? You need to be meet with your academic advisor now to prepare for spring class registration. You want to make sure you are registering for the classes that you need for your particular major.

Priority registration for current students starts on Monday, November 8 for sophomores and Tuesday, November 9 for freshmen.

You probably want to also use Degree Works, also on My Vol State, to help determine which classes you need for your particular degree. It will give you a base with which to start your discussion with your advisor.

Register early to get the classes you need at the times you want. By the end of November registration will open to the public.

If you have questions you can contact the Advising Center at 615-230-3702.

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