Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Vol Students Cameo in Chris Stapleton Video

"We got a little dramatic with the blood"

It was a normal day in December when Katie Jones was called into her boss' office. "Would you like to be in a video?" she was asked. "At first I said 'no'," Jones recalls. "I didn't want to be in a video. But they told me that I'd get to meet one of my favorite singers."

That singer was Chris Stapleton, country music star and Nashville resident. He was shooting a video that day in Portland, TN, and needed EMTs who knew what they were doing.

"No lines, we just simulated the call. Chad [Robb] did the call in. It's his voice you hear on the radio in the video." Katie Jones is an EMT and student at Vol State working on her Paramedic Certification. Chad Robb is a paramedic and Vol State graduate. Stapleton's video "Fire Away" deals with mental suffering and suicide and the EMTs were asked to simulate a suicide call. The video also promotes the Campaign to Change Direction, a website dedicated to changing the conversation on mental health issues.

"They said 'guys, it's your world. Do it like you would normally do it.' We got to do the blood, and got a little dramatic with it.

While Jones isn't sure if she'd do another video anytime soon, she enjoyed getting to meet Chris Stapleton. "He was really nice."

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