Friday, October 14, 2016

Panel to Address Sexual Assault Concerns

Between 20% and 25% of women will experience a completed and/or attempted rape during their college career.” ~ Department of Justice

Sexual assault, acquaintance rape, and domestic violence are some of the many issues that impact women in college. In truth, they affect everyone.

“My girlfriend, my sister [have been sexually assaulted.] It’s tough on them, and it’s tough on us [the families] because we don’t know how to help them,” confessed a student who wished to remain anonymous.

To address these issues, Vol State will be hosting a seminar with the Nashville-based group “You Have the Power…Know How to Use It, Inc.” on Tuesday, October 18 at 12:45pm, in Thigpen Library’s Rochelle Center at 12:45pm. The short documentary “I Never Thought It was Rape” will be followed by a panel discussion. Everyone is invited to attend.

“30% of the college women who said they had been raped contemplated suicide after the incident.” ~ Robin Warshaw, author of I Never Called it Rape

“It’s definitely something that stays with you,” said another student.

“Vol State is committed to creating a safe and healthy campus climate. Our goal is for students to understand how to build healthy relationships and strong communities.”

Lori Cutrell, Title IX Coordinator and Director of HR at Vol State, and Vol State Police Chiefs William Rogan and Angela Lawson will be on the panel.

You Have the Power…Know How to Use It, Inc. is a not-for-profit agency whose mission is to educate, advocate and empower individuals and communities who are impacted by violent crime.
Did you know? Vol State's Advising Center isn't just for academic advice. "Feel free to reach out," says Amanda Foster, Completion Advisor at VSCC. "It can be little things, a crappy day, or something major. Reach out to a favorite teacher. It doesn't have to be the Advising Center, but go to who you're comfortable with, or have them go to the Advising Center with you."

You can also visit for mental health services or call 855-CRISIS-1 (855-274-7471) 24/7 for a mental health emergency.


Debunk said...

Not true, "20-25%" is a made up statistic. Do you realize that the Congo has lower rape statistic than that... Watch this video, so you'll be more informed and stop perpetuating a false statistic

Anonymous said...

What time does the video and panel begin?

Vol State said...

It starts at 12:45pm.