Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Whatever Happened to Wilson?

Dear Tom Hanks,

The students of Vol State humbly request your presence at our May 2017 graduation.  One student in particular! He's pretty fun to hang out with, and a really good listener. Anyway, he claims that you know each other from way back. 

We'd be honored if you could speak at our graduation ceremony. Either way, I hope that we've made you smile!


Vol State Class of 2017

** Vol State students: we haven’t given up! Let’s give Tom Hanks a massive shout-out. Tweet your request using #Hanks2VolState and tell him why you’d love to see him at our commencement.  

1 comment:

K.Sowell said...

The video is hysterical! Bravo! Keeping my fingers crossed......