Thursday, August 31, 2017

Why You Should Join a Club

You’ve made it through your first few days of class and gained a feel for life on campus. So what’s the next step? If you have time to spare, a desire to meet new people, or an itch to become more involved with activities, you should consider joining a club. Recently, a Student Activities Fair was held to show off the various clubs here at Vol State. We asked a few club representatives why you should join a club, and why you should join theirs specifically.
Spectrum is a group at Vol State whose goal is to create a safe environment for students regardless of sexual orientation, and to promote acceptance in the community.
Why should students join a club?
Ethan, secretary of Spectrum: “Why not? Various clubs offer avenues and opportunities for you to pursue. It’s a way to get involved with the campus community and the community in general.
Why should students join your club?
Ethan: “To support the presence of LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender] people on campus and fight against discrimination.”
Ethan, Secretary of Spectrum
VISA (Vol State International Student Association) is a club where international students, as well as those from here in the States, can come together to discuss issues, make friends, and learn about the rest of the world.
Why should students join a club?
Ida, President of VISA: “I think it’s beneficial. You get to socialize with other people, hang out. You meet other people and they help you.”
Why should students join your club?
Ida: “Because it’s an international club, and you get to know students from different countries with different perspectives.”
Ida, President of VISA

Sigma Kappa Delta is the English Honor Society here at Vol State. They give students a chance to experience and discuss literature.
Why should students join a club?
Jessica Levine, President of SKD: “For the experience, and making friends and relationships to further your career. You learn about your skills and why you like.”
Why should students join your club?
Jessica: “Because literature is so important for us to understand. The best way to appreciate that is in a group setting.”
Jessica Levine, President of Sigma Kappa Delta
The Student Government Association (SGA) is a group that works with the administration of Vol State to improve the quality of life for students here on campus.
Why should students join a club?
Montgomery Barreto, Vice President of SGA: “I think students should get involved with clubs because it’s a great opportunity to meet other students and get connected with faculty, which can all be great resources for the future.”
Why should students join your club?
Montgomery: “Working with SGA gives you the privilege to have a say in some of the administrative sides of the college, whether it be joining a committee or voting on SGA proposals. It’s awesome that the students get to have a voice.”
Montgomery Barreto, Vice President of SGA
For more information about any of the clubs featured here, or for some we may not have showcased, visit Room 215 in the Wood Campus Center.

Vol State Art Gallery- Richard Painter Exhibit in September

Vol State has a beautiful new art gallery on the first floor of the SRB Building. It's open to everyone. It can be a nice way to spend a few minutes over lunch. There will be displays by regional artists throughout the school year and a student show in the spring. The work of internationally known artist Richard Painter will be on display through September 28. Painter creates large scale images and three-dimensional objects by a unique process of using fire resistant coating and blow torches to char wood.
“My work since 1995 has utilized burning,” Painter says on his website. “Either rapidly or slowly, everything burns- the stars, planets, rocks, earth, plants and animals, molecules and atoms, quarks and maybe tachyons--everything that springs into tangible existence starts being consumed by the oxidation of time. Some say that I'm really an arsonist at heart and have simply found a polite and productive way to deal with that tendency.”
Painter is an alumnus of Vol State.  He went on to build a career exhibiting across the nation and internationally. The Richard Painter exhibit is free and open to the public. The Vol State Art Gallery is located on the first floor of the Steinhauer-Rogan-Black (SRB) Humanities Building on the Gallatin campus at 1480 Nashville Pike. Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information call 615-230-3202.
Pictured: Winter Note #6. Charred wood, pastel and acrylic, 25" x 49" by Richard Painter.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How Was Your First Day?

A group of students discuss their schedules for the semester
I think I could speak for everyone when I say that the first day of the semester is hectic. There are more people on campus, which makes it difficult to park and get around. With all the new faces on campus come unique perspectives. Here are some things that a few Vol State students had to say on their first day of classes.
How has your first day been?
Austin Guerrero: “It was a great day, to the point where I no longer feel sleepy from all the excitement.”
Austin Guerrero
What are you most excited about this semester?
Cole Miller: “I’m in my third year here. I’d have to say getting done with Vol State.”
Cole Miller
What are you least excited about this semester?
Haley Morris: “The only class that I have is probability and statistics. So basically, math is what I fear.”
Haley Morris
What did you do over the summer?
Fenyx Ramos-Pacanza: “I went to concerts and visited California. I got see John Mayer, which was dope. I also learned how to play bass. It gave me blisters on my fingers.”
Fenyx Ramos-Pacanza
What do you enjoy most about Vol State?
Morgan Ford: “All the different activities. It’s not like high school. Everything is laidback and peaceful. Basically, you can be yourself here.”

Morgan Ford

Free Movie Night Friday: Guardians of Galaxy 2

Kick back with a movie on Friday night, September 1. It's free and everyone is invited...bring the family. Free movie night is showing Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It's a science fiction romp through the universe with all of the laughs and 70's rock you can handle. It may rain on Friday, so while the scheduled location is the Library Lawn, if it does rain we'll move the fun into the Wood Campus Center Nichols Dining Room. Showtime is 7:45pm either way.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Vol State Events this Week

Vol State events this week:
SGA is Student Government Association
CAB is Campus Activities Board
Aug. 28 First Day of Classes
Aug. 28 Richard Painter Exhibit, Vol State Art Gallery, First Floor of SRB, through Sept. 28
Aug. 29 Coffee with the Presidents: Dr. Faulkner and SGA President Caitlyn Ellis, free biscuits and coffee, Cafeteria, 10:30am-11:30am
Aug. 29 SGA Grab and Go Dinner for evening students, Wood 217 Hallway, 5:30pm-6:30pm
Aug. 30 Campus Activities Board (CAB): Activities Fair, Thigpen Library 11am-3pm
Aug. 31 SGA/CAB Mixer, dessert walk, how to get involved, Library, 12:45-1:45pm
Sept. 1 Free Movie Night: Guardians of Galaxy 2, Library Lawn or Wood Campus, 7:45pm
Sept. 4 Labor Day, all campuses closed, no classes
For a complete list of Vol State events this semester click here.

Commit to Completion - Here's How to Get Started

We have Commit to Completion flags up for the start of the semester. They're intended to set a tone for the coming school-year and remind you why you are here. Committing to Completion means that you will earn your degree or certificate. It's most important to remember that commitment when times get tough, as they inevitably will. We'll have posters on all of the campuses this week that you can sign to show your commitment.

Here are a few ideas to help you do well in your classes:

-Attend all of your class meetings. If you skip even one class you will get behind. This isn't high school and there is a different work expectation here.

-Talk to your instructor if you don't understand something or if you need help. They're not here to give you extensions or allow you to get out of work. They are here to help you learn and succeed. Don't be embarrassed about not understanding something....that's why you're here and that's why we're here.

-Get extra help. We have a number of free academic support services available to all students. Those services will really help you as the semester piles up with assignments and papers. We've collected the tutoring services in one list that we call the "College Success Zone." You can view the list of free services here.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tips to Save You from Parking Stress

A lot of students will tell you that parking can get pretty bad during the first few weeks of school. Speaking from experience, I was so put off by parking that I wouldn’t even come to campus if I woke up late. This only happened a few times, but it’s something that I look back on and cringe at. Instead of ditching class, I should have been smarter about getting to campus at the right time and knowing where to park.

Jarrett Brooks
“Get there early and don’t park in the grass,” says Jarrett Brooks, a returning student, “And try to carpool. It’ll make everyone’s lives easier.” A common piece of advice that most students will tell you is to arrive on campus early. Not only do you have more choices of where to park, you also get more time to map out where to go and how to get there. “I highly recommend parking in the K lot in the mornings,” says Drew Hester, who has most of his classes in the Mattox building, “It’s really good when you have classes in those buildings.” Parking Lot K is located towards the back of the Gallatin campus. It can be reached through Enterprise Drive and is directly next to the gates. Another tip is to avoid leaving campus until you’re finished with classes for the day. “Don’t leave for lunch,” says Aiya Carver, “Eleven is when a lot of people start going out, but it’s also when others start coming in. If you do go out for lunch, don’t expect to get your parking spot back.” Here's a map of the Gallatin campus so you can find your way around on the first day.
Drew Hester
Aiya Carver

Important Info for Students Taking Online Classes or Partially Online Classes

Here are some tips for students taking online or partially online courses this fall semester:
Classes Begin
Classes being Monday, August 28. You will have access to your Vol State online courses at 12:00AM August 28 and access to your TN eCampus courses at 3:00PM August 28. Remember to review your class schedule to ensure you are registered and attending the correct courses. Your class schedule, which is available in the Vol State portal, provides the start dates for each course.
About Online Sections
Vol State online courses have a section code beginning with a C (like C01, C02, etc.). You will access these courses through eLearn (, Vol State’s system for online courses.
TN eCampus courses have a section code beginning with an R (like R50, R51, etc.) You will access TN eCampus courses at – not through Vol State’s eLearn.
Instructors are required to report attendance during the first week of the semester. Students enrolled in online courses must complete a graded assignment (typically a discussion board post, but check your syllabus) to avoid the possibility of being dropped for non-attendance. For more information, contact your instructor.
eLearn Success
The Vol State eLearn Success page is your connection to the online tools that Volunteer State Community College provides to its students. This page is designed to help you find what you need to use these tools successfully.
The College Success page offers information on free tutoring, college academic planning, placement testing, TRIO-Student Support Services, Disability Services, and the IT Help Desk information.
The Vol State Helpdesk staff assists students with computer related technical issues, password reset, student email, Microsoft Office 365, campus wireless access, and other College systems. You can receive assistance in person in the Learning Commons or by phone at 615-230-3302.
For Vol State eLearn related issues, you can contact Distributed Education by phone at 615-230-3665, email us or in person – Ramer, Suite 172 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 4:30.
For help with TN eCampus online, visit

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

No Hate Rally

The violence and racism shown in Charlottesville has left many Americans disheartened and angry. Vol State students, faculty and staff came together with one common message on Wednesday: no hate at Vol State. It may sound like a simple statement. But as the speakers attested to, these are troubling times in America, and there are no easy answers. The common theme at the rally in the Ramer Building was that we must be the change, all of us taking action, rather than remaining silent. The event was organized by the Vol State College Democrats and the College Republican student groups.

"We're here because of what happened in Charlottesville, which is horrible and sad," said Sparkle Stubblefield of the College Republicans. "We want to prevent that from happening again. We need to work together to make change."

"We need to send a message at the beginning of the semester that there will be no hate at Vol State," said Jacob Warren from the College Democrats.

Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown, County Executive Anthony Holt and Gallatin Police Chief Donald Bandy were among the many community leaders who attended the rally. While it was held before classes started, students who spoke reminded the crowd that the issues raised in Charlottesville need to be addressed in public and addressed for some time to come.

"We will not, and can not, tolerate actions caused by hate, said Vol State President Dr. Jerry Faulkner.

Many in the audience wore t-shirts that said "Share our Similarities" and "Celebrate our Differences."

Tips for Students New to College and Reminders for Everyone Else

We're getting ready for the fall semester at Vol State. Here are some tips for new students:

-Classes start on Monday, August 28, but if you don't have a Monday class, your first class will be whatever day you have class that week.

-Make sure you attend all classes in the first two weeks- your financial aid depends on it.

-Attend all of your classes anyway. A big reason people drop out of college is because they have fallen behind in classes. Go to class.

-Double check your schedule to make sure you are taking the classes you think you are taking. If you see TBD listed as a location or time, and you have double checked recently in My Vol State and it still says that- you could be signed up for an online class. Nothing wrong with that if it is what you intended.

-Livingston, Highland Crest and CHEC are other campuses, not buildings. Make sure you intend to take a class there if it is listed.

-Print up a copy of the Gallatin campus map to spot your classes ahead of time. Print it to take with you for your first week of classes.

-Give yourself an extra half-hour or so the first week of classes to find your favorite parking place and your best route to class.

-Use the back entrance to the Gallatin campus off Greenlea, it's much less congested. Parking in those back lots is also easier.

-Sign-up for Vol State social media to get tips and info you need. You can Like Us on Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter. Also, stay tuned to this blog for news and stories for students.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Experiencing the Eclipse with Vol State

The sky grew dim, getting darker until it looked like dusk. The sun had been overtaken by the moon, casting a ring around its rocky neighbor. Totality may have only lasted for two minutes and forty seconds, but the memories of it will last a lifetime. And who better to share these memories with than the people in your community and travelers from around the world.
The sky before totality
Jeff from Chicago, IL with his telescope
Recently, Vol State’s Gallatin campus was given the task of hosting an event in celebration of the eclipse. Various groups worked around-the-clock to make sure everything was perfect for the event, and in the end, their hard work paid off. It was a treat to see families from around the country, around the world even, come onto campus to watch the eclipse and participate in activities related to the event. Scientific lectures were given, telescopes were looked through, and crafts were made. One of the more interesting activities was the solar cooker contest, which asked participants to roast hot dogs using the sun and the tools at hand. It was neat to meet people like Jeff from Chicago who brought his own telescope and camera setup. “I’m really surprised by what they’ve given out,” said Jeff, who was appreciative of the the faculty, staff, and volunteers who made the event happen. 
One of the participants in the Solar Cooker Contest

We would like to offer a special thanks to Remi Pence for her shots of the sky and the activities in the gymnasium. You can find more of her work here. And of course, a thank you to the faculty, staff, and volunteers who worked to make this event great.

Why You Need to Use Vol State Social Media

You may not use Facebook or email much in your personal life, but we're going to give you some reasons to use it in your college career. Facebook and Email are two important ways the college will stay in touch with you. We would suggest that you visit both at least once a day for important notices and tips for college success.
But I hate Facebook! You don't have to use it for anything else, just Like the college Facebook page. We will post there several times a day, about all sorts of stuff. There is not another social media application that allows us to communicate with you in the way that Facebook does.
I never use email. You need to check your student email daily for important notices from offices such as Financial Aid and Student Services.
We do have other social media you can use and we will even be texting you info throughout the school year. Here's what we have available:
Facebook: The Vol State Facebook page is home to all sorts of information and tips to help you throughout the school year. Students chat with each other, sell textbooks and share information about favorite classes and professors.

Blog: The Vol State Virtual Community is our campus blog. It has stories about interesting people on campus, cool new programs, student activities and more. In fact, you're on it right now! You can set up an RSS feed to get regular updates or just look-in whenever you feel like it:

Twitter: We send info about campus events and happenings on our main Twitter page. Follow us:
Instagram: Share your photos of life on campus and your accomplishments. We’ll post pics from around campus as well. Instagram: /volstatecampus.
Web Page: The Vol State website is your primary hub for everything Vol State. You can use the A-Z index to locate specific programs or offices. The People Finder will help you look up instructors or staff.
My Vol State and Email: You'll be receiving important notices throughout the school year on your student email account. It's important to check this often. This is our way of reaching you individually with important information about things such as financial aid. You can access your email by using the My Vol State web page. My Vol State helps you connect to online classes as well. Keep an eye on the My Vol State page for other campus information, such as stories from the Settler student newspaper.
Texting: All Vol State students are automatically signed up for text messaging. We have two services- one is for emergencies and important notices, such as weather closings and delays. The second service will provide tips on how to be successful in your classes. We won't text more than twice a week on either service. However, if you really want to cancel the text service you can do so at any time by replying STOP to the text. We recommend that you wait a few weeks to see what the texts are like, before you decide to cancel or not. Just imagine- you can stay in bed and wait for the college to let you know that it's a snow day and classes are canceled. Can't beat that.

Have a great semester and stay in touch!

No H8 @ Vol State Community Forum this Wednesday

Wednesday August 23: No H8 @ Vol State Community Forum And Stand with Charlottesville, VA Vigil, Sponsored by College Democrats, College Republicans, The Student Government Association, and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. 2 p.m. in the Ramer Great Hall.
Gather with us for a discussion with Vol State faculty/staff, students, and local community leaders to discuss what is being done to heal the racial divides in our country post-election and after the horrific violence displayed in Charlottesville, VA.
Hear from local activists, get tips on what YOU can do in your community to “say something if you see something,” and participate in a vigil to show support for the citizens of Charlottesville, VA.
Student Leaders want to start the semester by sending a message: “Hate has no place on our campus”

Extended Hours for Parking Decals and IDs

We have extended hours this week and next for people who haven't already received their Vol State parking decal and student ID. There is an important new step you need to take before you can pick up your parking decal. You must fill out an online form first and you need to do it the day before you want to get your decal. This step is new this year. It applies only to Gallatin, Livingston and Springfield. CHEC has it's own parking decal system.

New Steps to Obtain a Parking Decal:
1)   Complete the online form at least 24 hours prior to picking the decal up.  To request a parking decal  go to:  (pop up blockers must be turned off)
2)   Decals will be available for pick-up in Wood Campus Center, Suite 217 or at your campus front desk.
You can get a sticker for your old student ID or get a new student ID if you don't already have one, by visiting the same office as noted above.
Get this stuff done can visit us during normal business hours - 8am to 4:30pm.  On Tuesday, August 22 & Thursday, August 24 Student Services, Wood Campus Center Suite 217 will be open until 7:00 pm for decal pick-up and student ID’s. 
Additionally, the first two weeks of class, Monday – Thursday (August 28-31, September 5-7)  Student Services, Wood Campus Center Suite 217, will remain open until 6pm to assist with decal pick-up & ID’s.
A reminder that CHEC has its own system.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Watch Event Today - Avoid Campus for College Business

We're excited about our eclipse watch public event today. It is sold out. We expect several thousand people on the Gallatin Campus. Our offices are open, but due to the parking situation we advise potential students and current students to avoid the Gallatin campus for business today. However, you can call or email. Advising is 615-230-3702 and Admissions is 615-230-3688. If you just want to apply, you can do that entirely online at

All Vol State offices, at all locations, will be closed today from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. so that our employees can enjoy the eclipse.

We hope you have a great eclipse day! And we're looking forward to having everyone on campus soon for the fall semester. Classes start August 28.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gallatin Offices Closed Friday Morning, August 18 for Convocation

The Vol State Gallatin offices will be closed for Convocation Friday August 18, until 1pm. The Cashier's Office and Bookstore will be open for normal hours all day. All other offices will open at 1pm for business. Other campus locations open for normal business hours.

Make Sure You Have Your Textbooks

Pierre is standing by in the Vol State Bookstore to help you find what you need
One of the most awkward feelings in the world is not having your textbook. It’s like being on the outside of an inside joke: everyone knows what’s going on, while you’re left out of the loop. Of course, there’s no reason for you to stay out of the loop. Not when there are plenty of options for you to get your textbooks for the semester.
If you can make it out to the Gallatin campus, the Vol State Bookstore is a fine place to get your textbooks. You have the option to purchase your books new or used, or rent them. There are also digital options if you prefer your textbooks that way.  There’s even a price match program should you find cheaper options somewhere else. “We aren’t just a bookstore,” says Dianne King, manager of the Vol State Bookstore,” We carry required, and optional, materials for class. We also carry general merchandise.” If you’re unable to make it to the bookstore, you can order your textbooks from their website and have them delivered to your home or the bookstore. From August 19th until the 24th, you have the opportunity to use your financial aid to purchase your books from the Vol State Bookstore. As far as the refund policy goes, a full refund is offered until September 5th
Aside from our own bookstore, there are other choices you have when it comes to getting your textbooks. Textbook Brokers sits across the street from the Gallatin campus, or can be reached through their website. They offer a deferred payment plan and full refunds up to 5 days after the start of classes. Amazon gives you the option to buy or rent your books (new or used; physically or digitally) through the mail. They offer a full refund within the first 30 days of your rental period. Whichever method you prefer, keep in mind that the semester starts on August 28th. Be sure to get your books before then so you can be prepared for classes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Welcome Middle College Students!

Principals Brad Schreiner and Betsy Hunter are pictured here alongside a handful of Middle College students
Here at Vol State, we have a partnership with Sumner County schools to offer Sumner County Middle College (SCMC) to high school students. This program allows students to obtain their high school diploma while earning college credits. The fall semester has already started for these students, so what have they been up to this past couple of weeks?
Left to Right: Elise Piliponis, Ben Woods, Shelby Sweby and Carson Lowe
“They are learning how to be successful in college,” said Betsy Hunter, one of the two principals who oversee the SCMC program. In their first lessons, the students of SCMC are taught how to read their syllabuses and schedules, time management, and the importance of attendance. “This is the time we get to know them,” stated Brad Schreiner, the other principal of SCMC. “We get to spend a lot more time with students here than in a traditional high school because we get a lot more one-on-one time with them,” added Hunter.  

“It’s a really good alternative to high school if you can handle the workload,” said Ben Woods when asked about his feelings on SCMC. “It’s really nice to be able to move my schedule around to fit my needs,” said Elise Piliponis, who does theater outside of her studies. We welcome these Middle College students to Vol State and wish them the best this semester!

MyVolState System Down - Revised Fee Due Date

Update: MyVolState is back up and running.

MyVolState is still down this morning and may be for another few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. Students can't register until the system is back up and running. Advisors also cannot access records. Because of this we are moving back the fall fees due date, from this Thursday to next Tuesday, August 22. Fall fees will be due on August 22. We will post here when the computer system is back up and running.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Please Avoid the Gallatin Campus on Eclipse Day

Please avoid the Gallatin campus on Eclipse Day, this coming Monday, August 21. If you need to take care of business on the Gallatin campus we advise students and future students to do that this week. We are holding a large public event on Monday, August 21 for the Eclipse and traffic and parking will be tough. However, we are staffing offices that day and you can reach us via phone or email. The other campus locations should be fine. Please be aware that all Vol State offices will close from 1pm to 2pm on Eclipse Day. Quite frankly, you should be viewing it yourself at that hour anyway. Enjoy everyone! And we look forward to having you on campus soon for the fall semester.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Important Info about CHEC Cookeville Phones

Update: phone service has been restored.

All phones at the Cookeville Higher Education Campus ( CHEC) are currently down as a new system is being installed. Communication is available through phone numbers listed below or through sending a direct message on this Facebook page. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we upgrade this part of the CHEC facility.
If you need to speak to a Vol State staff member, please call the main campus at (615) 452-8600. Email communication is open. Should you need to contact a staff member, please use the following:
Admissions and Records: Dustin Rawls -
Financial Aid: Sherrie Cannon -
Facilities: Stephanie Voris -
Other questions: Lori Richards or Tammy Powell -,
To reach the TCAT Livingston, call (931) 823-5525.
To reach the TTU main switchboard, call (931) 372-3101.
Notification will be sent once the phone lines are back up. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Important: New Step to Get a Parking Decal

If you haven't already received your Vol State parking decal, there is an important new step you need to take before you can pick it up. You must fill out an online form first. This step is new this year. It applies only to Gallatin, Livingston and Springfield. CHEC has it's own parking decal system.

New Steps to Obtain a Parking Decal:
1)   Complete the online form at least 24 hours prior to picking the decal up.  To request a parking decal  go to:  (pop up blockers must be turned off)
2)   Decals will be available for pick-up in Wood Campus Center, Suite 217 or at your campus front desk.
You can get a sticker for your old student ID or get a new student ID if you don't already have one, by visiting the same office as noted above.
Get this stuff done can visit us during normal business hours - 8am to 4:30pm.  On Tuesday, August 22 & Thursday, August 24 Student Services, Wood Campus Center Suite 217 will be open until 7:00 pm for decal pick-up and student ID’s. 
Additionally, the first two weeks of class, Monday – Thursday (August 28-31, September 5-7)  Student Services, Wood Campus Center Suite 217, will remain open until 6pm to assist with decal pick-up & ID’s.

Vol State Eclipse Watch Registration Now Closed

The Eclipse Watch event at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin is now closed to new registrations. There was a limit of 3500 registrations that was reached Tuesday. The college created the registration limit for the August 21 event to ensure that registered visitors will have an enjoyable day. There are many other eclipse events and locations that people can attend in Tennessee and Kentucky. Vol State organizers say they hope that everyone has a memorable eclipse experience. People who have registered and want to see the activities for the day can visit They will also receive email updates about the event next week. Please check your junk email folder in case the email is treated as spam.

Monday, August 7, 2017

3 Things You Might Have Missed from Campus Connect

Heather Harper
Campus Connect is an important first step for new Vol State students. Not only does it help to get students get settled in on campus, it also provides freshmen with important information and dates to remember. Campus Connect may be over for the semester, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you couldn’t attend. I had the opportunity to ask Heather Harper, Manager of Student Engagement and Support, about the three most important things students should know if they missed out on orientation.

1. Fee Payment – August 17th

“If students don’t have their things handled, then their classes will be dropped and they will be purged from our system.” There are many ways to pay your fees if you haven’t already. Follow this link here for more information.

2. Parking Decal and Student ID

“Students would have to think something is up if they arrive during the first week of classes and see that their friends have stickers on their back windshields.” You can visit this page for more information about parking decals and student IDs.

3. The Bookstore

“Get your books in a timely fashion, not six weeks into the semester.” To purchase your books for the semester, you can either visit the Vol State bookstore located in the Woods Campus Center or simply order them online from their website.

Fall Tuition and Fees Due by August 17

Your fall tuition and fees are due by August 17. That's next week. If you have financial aid to cover what you owe, that will be processed on the 17th. If you owe money, there are several ways to pay. Details here.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Still Time to Apply for Mechatronics

The hot new academic program at Vol State this coming fall is Mechatronics. Applications are being accepted now. Classes start August 28. Visit to get started.
Mechatronics is the blending of engineering fields including mechanical, controls, electronic and computer engineering, to automate manufacturing, distribution and complex services through multiple industries. Mechatronics professionals are the experts who design, program, repair, and maintain state-of-the-art robotics and computer-aided equipment in today’s fastest growing industries. The Vol State program launches in Gallatin this fall, with a two-year associate of applied science (A.A.S) degree. 
Each step of the degree program also prepares students to test for Siemens Certifications. Siemens Certifications are internationally-recognized Mechatronics industry designations that are important to employers. Job prospects for students with Mechatronics degrees are much higher than average in Tennessee and the positions have a national median salary of $55,610 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The Mechatronics-2-Jobs LEAP 2.0 Grant Project expands the Mechatronics A.A.S. program targeting potential students in Macon, Robertson, Sumner, Trousdale, and Wilson counties. The grant helped purchase equipment for the new Mechatronics classes in Gallatin and eventually the Highland Crest Campus in Springfield. Mechatronics classes are also available from Vol State at the Cookeville Higher Education Campus (CHEC).
For more information on a career in Mechatronics visit the web page at People interested in learning more can call 1-931-372-5546. By email:

Pictured: Mechatronics students work with robotics, hydraulics, machine programming, and assembly line automation. They are shown here at the Cookeville campus.