Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Learning Issues, Physical Limitations- There are Many Reasons to Visit Disability Services

You may have a learning problem that you have not identified yet. Or you may have issues you are well aware of and you have yet to seek help. If you believe you have problems that are interfering with your ability to do well in your classes, please contact Disability Services. It all starts with a conversation
Disability Services has one basic goal: to provide resources to help you be as successful as possible in college. We work closely with students with disabilities, including those who have physical, cognitive, learning, psychological and chronic health issues. You may have received assistance in high school, such as test accommodations, note taking assistance or alternative format textbooks, or your specific circumstances may be more recent. Our services are available whether you just graduated from high school or are returning to college after many years.Visit or 108 Wood Campus Center. Phone Number: (615) 230 – 3472. 

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