Thursday, January 18, 2018

Changes for Important Dates Due to Weather Closings

Due to recent Vol State Campus weather closings, important dates this semester have been altered in order to accommodate all students. 
 Refunds, Financial Aid and Bookstore Charge Period:

Ø  Financial Aid is dependent on attending all classes once.  The dates have been pushed back to provide all students the opportunity to attend class and meet this requirement.  If you have yet to attend class this semester, please contact your instructor and log onto eLearn to complete possible reading and assignments as listed for each class. 

Ø  The last day for a 100% refund has been extended until today, January 18th, for courses in the following parts of term: Full Term , 1st 5 weeks, 1st 7 weeks, and Dual Enrollment. The refunds for TN eCampus courses have not changed. The last day for 75% and 25% refunds have not changed. All refund dates can be found at

Ø  Financial Aid refunds will begin today, January 18th. As always, attendance for all your courses must be confirmed before the refund can be issued. Direct Deposit refunds will be issued the same day the refund is processed, and checks will be mailed the following business day. To set up direct deposit, visit

Ø  The financial aid bookstore charge period that ended Friday, January 12th is not being extended so that financial aid refund processing is not delayed.

Ø  The $25.00 late registration fee is being waived for the spring 2018 semester.

Registration is Extended Along with Drop / Add Dates:

Ø  Drop/Add has been extended through Tuesday, January 23rd.  Current students and Spring 2018 applicants may register for any open courses through the end of drop/add. Beginning Wednesday January 24th, if you would like to register for an evening course that meets on Wednesday, January 24th or Thursday January 25th, contact the Advising Center for permission to late-add.

Ø  After drop/add, students will have to get a signature from their instructor to drop a course.  Signatures will be required to drop for full semester classes beginning Monday January 29th.  Signatures will be required for 1st 5 and 1st 7 week courses beginning Wednesday, January 24th.
E-Learn and TN eCampus:

Ø  Report any discrepancies between your schedule and eLearn to Distributed Education by sending an email to Include your name, V#, and a description of the problem.

Ø  TN eCampus Courses (RODP courses that have a section code beginning with an R, like R50, R51, etc.) can only be accessed at

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