Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Why You Should Use Vol State Social Media

You may not use Facebook or email much in your personal life, but we're going to give you some reasons to use it in your college career. Facebook and Email are two important ways the college will stay in touch with you. We would suggest that you visit both at least once a day for important notices and tips for college success.
But I hate Facebook! You don't have to use it for anything else, just Like the college Facebook page. We will post there several times a day, about all sorts of stuff. There is not another social media application that allows us to communicate with you in the way that Facebook does.
I never use email. You need to check your student email daily for important notices from offices such as Financial Aid and Student Services.
We do have other social media you can use and we will even be texting you info throughout the school year. Here's what we have available:
Facebook: The Vol State Facebook page is home to all sorts of information and tips to help you throughout the school year. Students chat with each other, sell textbooks and share information about favorite classes and professors. www.Facebook.com/VolState

Blog: The Vol State Virtual Community is our campus blog. It has stories about interesting people on campus, cool new programs, student activities and more. In fact, you're on it right now! You can set up an RSS feed to get regular updates or just look-in whenever you feel like it:  www.volstate.edu/blog

Twitter: We send info about campus events and happenings on our main Twitter page. Follow us: www.volstate.edu/Twitter
Instagram: Share your photos of life on campus and your accomplishments. We’ll post pics from around campus as well. Instagram: /volstatecampus. www.instagram.com/volstatecampus/
Web Page: The Vol State website is your primary hub for everything Vol State. You can use the A-Z index to locate specific programs or offices. The People Finder will help you look up instructors or staff. www.volstate.edu
My Vol State and Email: You'll be receiving important notices throughout the school year on your student email account. It's important to check this often. This is our way of reaching you individually with important information about things such as financial aid. You can access your email by using the My Vol State web page. My Vol State helps you connect to online classes as well. Keep an eye on the My Vol State page for other campus information, such as stories from the Settler student newspaper.https://portal.volstate.edu
Texting: All Vol State students are automatically signed up for text messaging. We have two services- one is for emergencies and important notices, such as weather closings and delays. The second service will provide tips on how to be successful in your classes. We won't text more than twice a week on either service. However, if you really want to cancel the text service you can do so at any time by replying STOP to the text. We recommend that you wait a few weeks to see what the texts are like, before you decide to cancel or not. Just imagine- you can stay in bed and wait for the college to let you know that it's a snow day and classes are canceled. Can't beat that.

Have a great semester and stay in touch!

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