Thursday, December 13, 2018

Graduate Profile: Joy Johns

Fall graduate Joy Johns has always known she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, but she wasn’t sure exactly what. She began at Vol State as a Pre-Health Professions major before realizing her calling to become a nurse. Her career path became solidified while caring for her grandfather with dementia.

“He had dementia for about eight years and then he had a stroke, he could barely function. He couldn’t really walk by himself and he started declining so much after that,” she said.

“The more I was looking into it, the more I felt like I should be a nurse … I just really felt a calling for it. One thing I look forward to is to be able to encourage others more than I am right now, and also to help them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I definitely need to focus on living up to fullest potential so I can help others live up to their fullest potential. It gives me so much energy to be able to pour love and care into a person.”

Joy said that she will miss many things about Vol State including the students, professors, and her classes, but she feels well prepared for her next step to Tennessee Tech University. Vol State is also sentimental to her because her mother and grandmother are alumni, and some of her siblings have gone or currently go here.

“I’ve been so blessed. Every year before I sign up for classes, I’ll pray for good professors and good classes, and even on the classes that I don’t necessarily like, I’ll ask for it to be enjoyable, and they really have been … I wish I could just start naming teachers, but all of them are so good … Just taking this next step, I’ve realized how much Vol State has helped me to prepare for taking new steps.”

Joy gives credit to God, her family, and her fiancé Nate, whom she will be marrying in January, for being her biggest supporters.

-By Rachel Keyes

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