Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Recent Grad Spotlight: Gareth Laffely

Last May, we shared ‘The Amazing Story of Vol State’s Flute Playing Graduate.’ Since then, we caught up with Gareth at an Honors Conference. We wanted to see how life has been for him since transitioning from Vol State to MTSU.

Gareth is an internationally known Native American flutist. Aside from paving his way in the music industry, Gareth stays focused on his academics which include Marketing, Business Administration, and Honors. Gareth was involved with Vol State’s Honors Program and is now one of the first Honors Ambassadors at MTSU; his duties include conducting campus tours and putting on events. His presentation at the 2019 Honors Conference covered the topic of Native American culture and music in the marketing field.

“So, it’s talking about really how every culture has power, every culture has a story, and music is the ultimate way to tell that story. Music is unlike a lot of different means of communication because music carries emotion, music isn’t what you can tell somebody, it’s what you can make somebody feel.”

Gareth continues to follow his passions and is currently devoting his energy to creating music for films. His eventual goal is to start a company solely dedicated to creating custom cultural/world music for films.

“I have filmmakers come to me and say they’re working on a particular project and need me to write the music for it. That has been one of my greatest passions … I would want to have a company devoted to creating custom music depending on what the film project is needing … I wanted to get more of a marketing background so I could really build the company and everything that it can be so I can continue to pursue what I love.”

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Photo Credits: This is Citizen/Daniel Volland

-By Rachel Keyes

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