Friday, February 15, 2019

Tips for Successfully Transferring to a University: Starting the Search

Are you considering transferring to a university after you graduate from Vol State? It’s never too early to prepare. Don’t wait until your last semester!
Vol State has several opportunities over the next few weeks for you to meet with admissions representatives right here on campus:
·        University Transfer Fair – Tuesday, February 26, from 10 am - 2 pm in the Mary Cole Nichols Dining room in the Wood Campus Center. Many universities will be represented.
·        University information tables in the Wood Campus Center main hallway (check your email and social media for upcoming dates and times). Several universities have already visited, and there are several more coming through the end of March.
Not sure how to start researching universities? Here are some tips:
·         Make a list of all of the universities you are interested in exploring. Create a spreadsheet and put the names of the universities in the first row across the top, one column per university.
·         Make a list of all of the questions you have and things you want to know about each university. Put those questions down the left side of the spreadsheet in the first column, one question per row.
·         Start with the university’s admissions website and read through the information. You may find answers to a lot of your questions there. Put the answers in your spreadsheet.
·         Find a transfer admissions counselor. An admissions counselor is your preliminary guide for the university. Let them know you’re attending Vol State and you’re considering transferring after you graduate with your associate’s degree. They can send you links to information, tell you how to apply, what events are coming up for prospective transfers, etc. Keep in mind, however, that an admissions counselor typically does not do academic advising.
·         Find an academic advisor. Your transfer admissions counselor may be able to point you to the right person. This might be a faculty advisor or a full-time advisor. Ask them if you can make an appointment to look at your transcript and discuss how your Vol State credits will transfer, and what other courses would be accepted in transfer.
Lots of university information is at your fingertips. Keep it organized and get excited about all the opportunities out there!

Lindsay Guenther  and Josie Larson are full-time advisors at the Gallatin campus.
©2018 Lindsay Guenther, Josie Larson, Rebecca Adair

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