Friday, February 8, 2019

Vol State Seeks President's Ambassadors

Vol State is searching for our next group of Ambassadors!

They’re essentially representatives of the college, who lead campus tours and assist with a range of events on and off campus. A couple perks of the program include a full tuition scholarship for two semesters plus a book stipend. Eligible students include those who have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and at least twelve hours of credits under their belt from Vol State.

“If I had to describe my overall experience as an Ambassador, I would sum it up in one word, and that’s fulfilled. If I was not an Ambassador, I would have not been a part of the all of the events that I’ve been a part of. Some are prestigious and some are just the norm, like our tours. Each of those, whether it’s on a high or a low spectrum, you just feel fulfilled. You get to network with incredible people who can actually move you along in your career path,” said Anedra Moore.

The Ambassadors do have high expectations placed upon them. They’re expected to take their role seriously and to represent the college professionally throughout the entirety of the contract. “When choosing an Ambassador we’re really looking for students who have initiative and good work ethic, students who really want an opportunity to represent Vol State,” said Admissions Advisor Charity Walker.

Working a minimum of forty hours each semester plus twenty hours during the summer for training is the trade-off for the scholarship. “I was so nervous about this program at first, which isn't abnormal for me, I stress about everything. I was worried I wasn't going to be good enough and would fail. Once we got through training and began working events, those fears just faded away,” said Katelynn Roberts.

“I have had a blast with the other President’s Ambassadors, it is unreal. I am usually someone that keeps to myself, but I have really opened up. I feel that I have grown into a more spontaneous person because of this program. It has kept me on my toes since the program has started,” said Brianna Hogan. 

The deadline to apply for the program for 2019/2020 is March 1 at 4:30 P.M. Click here for more details. As a current Ambassador myself, I’d like to invite you to connect with us face to face at one of our upcoming Meet and Greets:

Wednesday      Feb. 13       1:00 P.M.        Rochelle Center 
Thursday         Feb. 21     11:00 A.M.       SRB 209
Tuesday           Feb. 19     11:00 A.M.       SRB 209

-By Rachel Keyes

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