Thursday, November 7, 2019

Vol State Weather Delay and Closing Guidelines

This a reminder of the Vol State weather delay and closing guidelines. We put this out at the start of each winter weather season.
Weather notices from Vol State can call for a delay of classes or a closing of a campus. It is always specific to the campus, so what happens in Gallatin may be different from Livingston, Cookeville-CHEC, or Springfield.
-A delay means that classes start at that hour. For example- If we say delayed opening at 9:30am that means only classes that would be meeting at 9:30am or later will be meeting. Classes before that are canceled. Some classes last for several hours. Those classes will start at the opening time.
-Labs are handled differently for a delay. Students should check the eLearn page for each lab to see what the instructor had decided. If campus is closed, there are no classes or labs.
- Vol State closings are not based on public school closings. You'll find that the College doesn't close or have class delays nearly as often as the high schools, primarily due to the fact that we don’t have buses to consider.
-If the roads are dangerous in your area you have the right to decide if you want to attend class or not. If you can't attend let your instructor know so that you can make up work.
-If there is a delay or cancelation students should check their eLearn web page for each canceled class to receive updated assignment info from instructors.
-Students will automatically receive text alerts with closing or delay info if they have a current cell phone listed in My Vol State.
-The website will always be updated on the front page if there is a delay or cancelation:
-You can also monitor our primary Facebook page:
If you don’t receive a text use the website to double check. Any weather statement from the college will appear at the top of the home page.
We do send notices about delays and cancellations to the Nashville TV stations. However, TV stations should be a last resort to view closings. It sometimes takes an hour for the Vol State listings to come up on the screen due to the number of closings. The times the TV stations give us to choose from often don’t match our class times, so we have to approximate.

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