Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How to Set Up for Online Classes at Home

The transition to online classes can be overwhelming. As a student myself, I have had to make some adjustments to set things up for digital learning. 

Inform the People Around You 
Everyone’s home life is different. Some people may be an only-child that has the freedom to take-over any available space in the house, or someone might have to share that space with five other siblings. No matter what your living situation is, inform the people in your household about your needs as you make this transition to online classes. I let my parents know that I would be needing alone time for a portion of the day in order to properly study for my classes, and that the time needs to be quiet for concentration reasons. If your family is still not providing you with the correct atmosphere for online college courses, then maybe consider studying alone at the park or a calm place away from potentially infected individuals. 
Dedicate a Spot for Working 
A good workspace is very helpful when doing homework or taking a test. I have a table and chair in my room that I use for a desk and equip that space with my school items. Any hard surface around your house will make do for a workspace. Just make sure that the area is large enough to have your textbooks on and is in a stress-free environment. If you are having trouble finding the right space to complete your work, you can always use your bed or room floor for this task. Just make sure you stand-up frequently to prevent your back from getting sore. Try to give the area a personal feeling by decorating it with your own style. 
Make a Schedule 
This new process of online classes will take some time to adjust to. One key to success is that you take the time to complete your work with accuracy. My personal strategy for this was to find all my assignments on eLearn and write down each assignment’s due date in my agenda. It is also helpful to plan which days you will work on a specific assignment. Whatever your approach is, set aside the appropriate amount of time to do well in your specific classes. Each professor has unique criteria, so you will personally have to adapt to the time needed to complete the work. This will keep you on track and assist you in keeping your grades up. 
Have a Comfortable Break Area 
Keep yourself comfortable during this time of quarantine. A change in routine can become stressful, so, in between your study times, dedicate the break to relaxing. For example, I like to take my dogs for a walk and plant flowers when I take a brain break. There are numerous actions you can do to take your thoughts to the present moment. Anything from taking a nap to practicing a dance will serve you well. Having a comfortable area to destress in will be beneficial to your academics. Additionally, taking five minutes every hour away from an electronic device will help your eyes and even make you more motivated as this small refresher allows you to reset your thoughts. 
Hopefully these tips will help you create a healthy work environment and keep you focused on your college endeavors. Also, always remember, if you need help through this process of online classes, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. We are in this together.
What are you doing to prepare? Let us know in the comments.
~ Georgia Smith

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Michelle Ross Miller said...

What great tips, Georgia! As a new online instructor, I benefited from them, too.