Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Four Things to do Now if You are Struggling in Your Classes

It’s that time of the semester- you may feel like you are underwater with your classwork and falling behind. Take a deep breath. We are here to help you do well in your classes. Here are four things to do now if you are struggling:

-Email the instructor for each class that you are having problems with. Ask them what you can do to catch up and if they have ideas for how you can do better in their class.

-Get extra help online with free Vol State academic help services. Visit for a list.

-Make a life priority list- are there extra things you can cut or scale back on?

-If you are simply overextended, it may be time to drop a class. But that is only a last resort. You will need to check to see how that impacts your financial aid first. You are better off doing well in two classes than doing poorly in three. But do your best to keep taking at least one class. Students who drop out of all classes often have a tough time getting back.

Things are especially tough this year, so hang in there. Everyone wants to see you succeed, so reach out now if you need help!

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