Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Notes About Weather

We are keeping an eye on weather conditions tonight and tomorrow. Here are some important notes just in case we have any campus closings. All of your online classes will continue as normal, despite weather conditions. All deadlines will remain the same and classes will still be held via Zoom, unless otherwise notified. If a student does have an on campus class and the campus is closed or delayed, please check your Vol State email for information from your instructor on what you will be doing in that class.

If for some reason you have a power outage or wireless issue because of weather, contact your instructors as soon as you can.

We are transitioning between two texting systems this week. So, if we do have any campus closings or delays to share we will probably send them on both systems. That will only be for this week. The new system should be fully operational by next week.

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