Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Vol State Video Production Student Lands a Role With Miranda Lambert and Elle King

A passionate actor, director, and musician, Vol State video production student Mason Mecartea is pursuing a career in entertainment. “My dream job would be a professional working film actor,” he said. “My dad used to make a lot of home videos with me. I also did a lot of theater growing up and fell in love with performing.”

Mason has been featured in several projects including the Elle King/Miranda Lambert music video, “Drunk And I Don’t Wanna Go Home”, and he has an interesting story about how he landed the role. “I didn’t even audition for it,” he said. “They were just looking through agency catalogs and picked me. I had no idea they would feature me as much as they did.” He has also acted in music videos for artists such as Stars Go Dim and Erin Kinsey.

Mason does more than just act. He has directed two music videos, including “I Will Wait” by Prentiss and “Space” by RYMAN. “Directing wasn't something I thought I would get into. But I thought I would try it,” he said. Now, Mason plans to direct many more projects. “I think as creative people, we have to have a well-rounded spectrum. Acting will always be my number one, but directing has taught me so much about the behind the scenes.” Mason also plays piano and guitar for fun.

Mason continues to work on his craft. Last fall, he wrote a sixty-page screenplay. This semester, Mason plans to create a conspiracy-themed mockumentary about Vol State for his Capstone Experience class. “We’re still playing around with ideas, but I’m really excited,” he said.

Mason is thrilled to continue his film journey. “My next step is to lose fear and attack every opportunity I get this year.”

Check out Mason Mecartea in “Drunk And I Don’t Wanna Go Home” by Elle King and Miranda Lambert.

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